The Dreaded First Post

Ah, the first post. I could spend an entire day trying to think of something brilliant to say for my debut in the blogging world (don’t tempt me) but that wouldn’t be very genuine, now would it?

Let’s just dive right into the heart of the matter, shall we? This blog will reveal a part of me. You’ll get to see some of my writing, whether in the form of prose or poetry, and you’ll also get to see what my regular “non-writing life” is like. I’ll make it my goal to post everyday, but please be my friend and don’t get mad if I don’t make it to the computer occasionally, okay?

Alright, now that we got that out of the way I’ll start things off with a special poem that I wrote just for you:



It’s You


I’ve known for a while now

that thing that get’s me going

it picks me up when I need it

treats me well when I don’t deserve it

it’s something quite special

close to my heart

the reason I get up

even when it’s dark


coffee sure helps

but it can’t fill that hole

that special spot I reserve

for something precious

something full


that thing is you

the reader

even if you don’t yet exist

you fill me with pleasure

with pride

knowing that in you

I can always confide


so here’s to you

a friend

let’s celebrate together

that special bond we have

from now until forever





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