Everyone Enjoys A Good Laugh

Sitting at Starbucks at the moment working on Chapter 2. I’ve decided to move along more carefully this time around (though that doesn’t necessarily equate to more slowly). I had abandoned my last manuscript due to a lack of connection to my characters and thus a lack of motivation. With a new story driven by a protagonist that I am very fond of, I have high hopes for this project.

The current scene is laced with some comedic moments as a male character brings a girl back to his dorm (our protagonist) and his roommate doesn’t think she should be there. They have something to hide, but the protagonist has no idea at first, thus there’s a very awkward exchange as the two male characters duke their words out in front of the very confused girl.

What’s interesting, is this scene didn’t originally have much comedy to it, but alas my characters tend to control me sometimes. I guess my point is to stress the importance of comedic scenes. Most good writers know when to insert some good comedy relief to their pieces, and I think that there’s a really wonderful balance that you can add to a story when your characters have a great sense of humor or tend to do strange things that invoke laughter.

Things are about to get far more serious, but before that moment, there must be a lightness that will help even out the tension. With that said, I’m off to continue writing. Hope you all have a great day!


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