Dreams and Character Development

I’m writing a dream sequence right now. It’s one of my favorite things to do because of the flexibility that it gives you to relay information about characters and their innermost thoughts. Their desires and their fears, are both elements that seem to leak out in dreams, just as can happen to us in real life.

The other neat thing about dreams in writing, is that you can give little tidbits of information that foreshadow later elements of plot. Perhaps your protagonist is having a dream in which they are seeing a future event unfold. Maybe they are seeing a scene that will happen later, but in a completely different way, and this is the way they would rather see it happen, or the way they would rather not see it happen. The freedom is there to do any of the above or none of the above, and it’s all up to you, the writer.

That’s why I like dream sequences. The next time you read or write one, think about these things and maybe you’ll gain a better understanding of the character you’re reading (or writing) about.

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