Research? Hooray!

I’m starting to be very grateful for Scrivener’s ability to save web pages, in PDF form, within a project. Research folders are nice. I’ve hit a point in my manuscript, where I realized I’m going to have to explain certain things about the world I’m writing in, to give it a sense of reality. The world my protagonist starts off in, is very much our world, as it exists today. The problem is, she eventually visits multiple galaxies, and I need to be able to explain a few things…

For example: my research has shown me that it is possible that there might be up to 500 billion galaxies in the entire universe. How do I justify working within a story where there are only a few galaxies mentioned? Why wouldn’t the characters in the story, investigate the others? Another thing I’ve discovered is that there are quite possibly 100 billion planets in the Milky Way alone. How do I justify only dealing with a few worlds in each galaxy?

These are just a few of the reasons why researching is going to be very important in this projects. If done correctly, it will give the story that realism spark, that taste of reality that will drive the readers crazy (in a good way). And hopefully there will be less pLot holes covering the road. See what I did there? 😉

Ah the journey of a writer. With every answer discovered, there are at least two more questions asked. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, when I will undoubtedly ask myself some new questions and try to find the answers. Thanks to all who have been following this blog! I’ll try to keep you satisfied! 🙂


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