Fantasizing to Tell The Truth

Fantasizing, it’s a wonderful thing. No I’m not talking about the dirty kind. I’m referring to the kind of fantasizing that I learned how to do in Acting I. Actors that use Meisner Technique, utilize fantasizing all the time in conjunction with their actor’s imagination, to create very real moments that convey the truth.

This very technique can be utilized by writers to create real moments with their characters. I just finished chapter 2 of my manuscript yesterday. I’ve been moving pretty slowly through this story, but the chapters are longer than the ones in my last project. More importantly, they’re fuller. The content is richer. I think this is a lot to do with fantasizing about scenes I’m going to write ahead of time. If you envision your characters and understand them in your head, you can play out scenes mentally. If you do this enough, you’ll have a much clearer view of where you’re going the next time you sit in front of the computer.

That’s not the only result, though. Another benefit from fantasizing is that you can potentially understand your characters a lot better than you might otherwise. I’m talking about a permanent change in the way you view your characters. This can have astounding impacts on your writing. Everything you talk about will be that much more engaging, because your readers will have a better understanding of the characters.

Just like acting, the most important thing that a writer can do, is tell the truth. Convey the human experience in a very real way. If you don’t tell the truth, no one will want to hear what you have to say.


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