Late Post Poetry

Well….another late night post….not much to talk about but I didn’t want to just skip out on you guys, so here’s a poem I wrote a while back. It’s nothing super special or anything, but it’s kinda neat. I hope you enjoy it and I promise that tomorrow will be a legitimate post 🙂


Bottle Of Time


in the beginning of your life

you popped it open to pour

liquid time, in a glass, nothing more

as it began to fill

your heart did too

with joy and triumph, at the things to do


your list was so big

it couldn’t possibly be done

yet you tried, with no luck, to burn like the sun

as time ran dry

you hurried to the store

perhaps you could buy it, just one more


there wasn’t any to be had

you were out of luck

your only hope, was that maybe, it just might get stuck

a drop in the rim

that was all you needed

with nothing left to do, you begged and pleaded


oh just a drop of time

that’s all I need

then I promise, no matter what, I will concede

if I had known the end was near

I would have done better

but alas it’s too late, so here’s a letter


dear future human

don’t waste your time

there isn’t much, I’m afraid, so enjoy your prime

when the bottle runs low

get all your things straight

don’t be the one who’s running late


my letter complete

all I could do was sit

alone in the darkness, a candle, I lit



as the golden flame burned

I closed my eyes

the last drop plummeting, time sure flies


I won’t say what happened next

you’ll have to find out on your own

for now, just live, let the seed be sewn

destiny awaits

so remember my rhyme

for all you get, is a bottle of time


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