The Art of Not Editing

Do you want to know the secret of writing a lot of words? Sometimes I have a problem where I sit down to get a good writing session in and barely any words come out. I can have a swarm of ideas in my head for where I want the story to be going in the next chapter or two, and only write 300 words.

Well I’ve heard a lot of people have this problem, which made me feel a little better, and I also figured out a great solution to avoiding this: don’t edit. Don’t get me wrong, editing is a very wonderful tool that can shape a lump of crap into a gold statue, but there’s a time for it. That time, isn’t during the rough draft.

If you start filtering everything you want to say, before you say it, you’ll never get anything of quality on the paper. You have to get over yourself and realize that half of what you say in the first draft, if not more, will probably end up being total crap. It might suck so bad that you don’t want anyone to read it out of sheer embarrassment. But you know what? After a couple major revisions and the careful eyes of a good beta reader, you’ll be proud of it. It will transform into something that you could have never imagined.

I’m very guilty of filtering and I bet most writers are. But the ones that do it the least, are going to have a much easier and much less painful experience writing the first draft. Besides, that’s the hard part. Once you get past the rough draft, it’s all about shaping. Some people hate editing, but I love it. You get the incredible opportunity, to take something that you wrote, and witness it as it grows into a work of art. What could be more fun than that?


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