Last Wednesday I went in to Barnes and Noble for a job interview and I’m happy to announce that today I will be attending orientation from one to three in the afternoon. I applied for a cashier position of some sort, but it sounds as though I’ll be working in the café. I suppose I won’t really know for sure where they’re placing me until after today, but it should be an interesting experience either way. The last job I held for an extended period of time was my first job and I hated it. It drained me of energy and motivation every day that I worked. Barnes and Noble is a favorite place of mine and I used to go there all the time with my friends, so hopefully this will be a much better experience. I’ve heard great things online from previous employees and I look forward to it.

On the writing side of things, I’m currently sitting at Starbucks writing a little bit in “Defending Ari”, as well as brainstorming more for my NaNo project, which I’m really excited to start. November can’t come fast enough.

I’ll leave things at that and get back to it. Have a good day, everyone!

Barnes and Noble!